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  • "Alien Life" chokers coming soon to Big Cartel.

  • Am I grunge enough now?!
    200/365 - Lines
    199/365 - Falling Trees
    198/365 - Lonely Road
    197/365 - Bricks
    196/365 - Eyes
    195/365 - Dirt Field 

    Anonymous said: Do you ever miss photographing bands? When I first started you where one of my biggest inspirations to keep shooting.

    I still shoot bands but not as often. When I started out I would photograph shows 3-4 times a month for this publication I used to work for but then I started shooting less. I mostly photograph my friends now here and there. I’ve been so devoted to this 365 project that I put live photography aside for now, but not forever.

    And thank you so much! Means a ton to hear that! I hope you stuck with shooting and are being a bad-ass at it :D

    Anonymous said: What's your dream as a photographer ?! or goals !

    Like any other photographer, travel the world! It would be rad to have galleries of my work in London or something. Also, definitely, 100% I would LOVE to work for Rolling Stone Magazine. Doing exclusive things for them would be a dream come true! :D

    194 | “Town”
    193 | “The Moon”
    192 | “Float”
    191 | “Pond”
    190 | “Pollution”