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Did a self portrait photo shoot. I think the hat is here to stay. View more images on the blog! 

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Cosplay by Marianne Fredericks.
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Marianne and I shot her Poison Ivy cosplay this weekend just in time to share it with you guys for Comic Con! I’m so grateful our city hosts the coolest convention to grace the earth.
  • "Alien Life" chokers coming soon to Big Cartel.

  • Am I grunge enough now?!
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    Anonymous said: Do you ever miss photographing bands? When I first started you where one of my biggest inspirations to keep shooting.

    I still shoot bands but not as often. When I started out I would photograph shows 3-4 times a month for this publication I used to work for but then I started shooting less. I mostly photograph my friends now here and there. I’ve been so devoted to this 365 project that I put live photography aside for now, but not forever.

    And thank you so much! Means a ton to hear that! I hope you stuck with shooting and are being a bad-ass at it :D

    Anonymous said: What's your dream as a photographer ?! or goals !

    Like any other photographer, travel the world! It would be rad to have galleries of my work in London or something. Also, definitely, 100% I would LOVE to work for Rolling Stone Magazine. Doing exclusive things for them would be a dream come true! :D

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