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A Better Mouse Trap

I had to do an advertisement shoot with the title “A Better Mouse Trap”. I had lots of complications at the beginning of the week when I was trying to plan it. Lots, and I mean LOTS of people flaking out last minute and all that super fun stuff. But luckily, I have some the most amazing friends and they helped me with it. 

My WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL and TALENTED friend Tess was my model. This girl is a tough cookie and nothing scares her off. When I first told her if she was able to do this, I also mentioned that she was going to have live mice on her head. Of course, being the amazing person she is, she was 100% down and super stoked if I may add.

We brought over the mice (I bought 2 of them from Petco, holla to Petco) and tried to calm them down. Unfortunately they got super cray (yeah, I used that word. So what?) and bit Tess and my awesome friend/assistant Raul. They were obviously divas. I snapped a quick picture of them with some gnarly blood and told them to go wash that RIGHT AWAY. It’s crazy that when I’m not trying to use blood for a shoot, it happens anyway. I ended up using two fake mice that my friend Alfonso let me borrow (THANK YOU!) the day of.

Sexiest model ever? I think so.

Raul, the trooper.

The show must go on! Raul and Tess are amazing. I cannot emphasize that enough. 

It was pretty hot in the attic. We all sweated a good amount which obviously means we were running around trying to set everything up and make Tess look extra awesome.

I also want to thank my AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGGGGGGGG friend Nick Lopez and his awesome dad. They allowed me to shoot in their beautiful house that I fell in love with and that I will own when I’m older and have a million dollars. His dad and I already agreed to that. I should probably start saving up for that. 

Keep an eye out for the final image later this week. SEE YA!