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2012 Recap

Let’s all travel back to the beginning of 2012. WARP SPEEEEED. I was getting ready to go to bed at 1:30AM on January 1st. Okay, maybe not THAT early. And I guess the secret is out that I’m not a party animal if I’m going to bed at that time.

Anyway, I’ve been going to school all of my life and this summer was my first school free summer. I wanted to go on a mini tour with some of my band friends or something but that didn’t really work out. But what did work out was that my awesome friend Allura was going on the So Cal dates of Warped Tour (also did Bro-am) with the non-profit organization she works for, Natural High, and I was lucky enough to join her and the rest of the amazing and talented crew. Warped Tour was a blast and I am so blessed to have spent it with Allura, Shea, Jasmine (thanks for letting us sleep at your house!), Mike, Michael and Corinne. Definitely some inspiring people you should all check out. Love you guys!

MINI STORY SWEET BRAG TIME! Something super awesome that was kind of weird to me (but still awesome) was that on one of the dates of Warped (Pomona I think), a girl came up to me and said, “You’re Ana right?” I kind of stood there with a puzzled look (I might have forgotten who I was for a second) and then said yeah. She said that she loved my stuff and then asked if she could take a picture with me. SAY WUUUT. I was definitely honored and stoked that someone recognized me and my work. Her name was Charlotte. If you’re reading this, Hi Charlotte! I am getting really good at remembering the names of people I meet.

Another pretty sweet highlight of my year was interning for Adam Elmakias. I interned for him for a solid 6 months I believe, correct me if I’m wrong Adam, it could have been less. I learned a bunch things and met some great people. Definitely honored for him to hit me up and ask me to be his intern. It was a learning process for both of us in a way since he has never had an intern and I had never interned for anyone. I helped him with photo shoots, Lens Bracelet (also with Colin, HI COLIN!) and some social networking stuff while he was on the road. He’s such an awesome dude and you should follow up on everything he does because he has most likely shot your favorite band before. Thanks again for the opportunity Adam, it means a lot. You rule.

I shot a bunch of shows, met some awesome and talented people/photographers, got some sweet shots, got more gigs, I got a job at Zumiez, gained some friends, lost some friends (for the best, don’t cry y’all) and I felt like I got a little more recognition as an artist.

Towards the end of the year, I strayed away from my horror photography to get into more artsy fartsy stuff. Part of me shooting less of my horror stuff was because I was dealing with some anxiety issues and took a break from anything crazy. Those of you who know me know my love for horror movies/shows/photo shoots so that was a really big thing for me to let go of for a while. I haven’t given it up for good and don’t think I will, but I’m better now. I’ll do one last epic horror shoot soon as my last hoorah for now. Every day is a step to become a better, happier, healthier person. I also stopped eating meat. I am now what people call a “pescetarian” because my body rejected meat and I was getting sick a lot. Surprisingly I am keeping up with it since my body doesn’t crave meat or chicken any more. Before you give me the speech about how meat has protein and blah blah blah, I know the consequences and I know I how to get proteins a different way. Maybe when my body is ready, I’ll slowly start eating meat again. But I’ll pass for now.

To sum everything up, this year had its ups and downs, but it ruled none the less despite of the crappy in it. Next year I hope for bigger and better things and I’ll be graduating with my AA in photography Spring of 2013 so that gives me plenty of time to cook up more epic shoots. I hope to go on tour with some of my friends or even get lucky and go on Warped Tour with your next undiscovered favorite band.

I wish for everyone to be a more positive person and open your eyes to the beauty around you for next year. Make the best of it because I know I will. Thanks a BUNCH to everyone that has supported me in everything I do whether I know you or not. Whether you’ve liked, shared, reblogged, retweeted  or followed my work, it means the WORLD to me that people actually like what I love to do.



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